A website to advocate for a second choice of party vote under the NZ MMP electoral system.

The objective

I have been conscious of the problems of the threshold for a long time. I decided to advocate for the second choice of party vote, because it seems to be a compromise solution.

I do not belong to any political party. I am interested in this problem as one of how to make the electoral process more responsive to voter interests, but also easy to understand and implement.

Some history

I first started thinking about this idea after the 2008 election. I submitted on it to the 2012 MMP review. I researched submissions and found several others suggesting the idea of a second choice of party vote, including two others with detailed plans.

I have developed this proposal over many years, listening to friends and to publicly expressed concerns about the threshold.

Edward Hitchcock +337 6607 3456 (A New Zealander now in France)

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